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Brad HoppmannTime and money — two of your most valuable resources. The former, you can never get back … and the latter you always want more of.

When it comes to investing, Wall Street, self proclaimed gurus, and your next door neighbor would like you to believe the only way to make more money in the market is to spend more time in the market.

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But what if there was a way for you to make more money in the least amount of time possible?

This was the goal when we originally created 10-Minute ETF Trader, our premium trading service that takes just 10 minutes of your time a month to build your very own “Goldilocks” retirement portfolio…

…meaning whether the market moves up or down, our mission is to put you in the best position possible to make money.

If you’re truly looking for a strategy designed for the lazy man’s way to getting market-busting results…

Then we may have the perfect solution for you.

Because according to our research this strategy could have helped you:

  Beat the S&P 500 by over 4-to-1 in the last decade … handing you over 785% in gains compared to the S&P’s 191%!

  Make money during one of the worst stock market declines in history … handing you double-digit gains and beating the S&P 500 by over 53 points during the 2008 credit crisis.

  And it would have done it all with less volatility than simply investing in an S&P index fund!

In fact, our back-tested results show that in the last 10 years you could have made $7.85 on every $1 invested … turning every $25,000 invested into $221,275 … and that’s during a time when the S&P would have only handed you a measly $72,850!

This is truly the best way possible to profit from the stock market in the least amount of time … and I’ve seen just about everything.

You see, I first entered the world of financial publishing while working at Stansberry & Associates Investment Research in Baltimore. Working closely with founder and childhood friend Porter Stansberry, I helped to build the group and helped to make Stansberry an indispensable resource for thousands of investors.

The next stop on my financial-publishing journey took me to TheStreet.com as a Vice President. There, I worked with Jim Cramer and helped to bring TheStreet.com to a record year in subscription revenue.

I then moved into the trading world as a director at a fast-growing stock and options brokerage, TradeKing, where I learned about advanced options and stock strategies.

Finally, I ended up here at my ultimate career destination, Uncommon Wisdom Daily, where I lead our team as Publisher.

You can learn more about me by reading my full expert profile here.

So I bet you’re wondering, “Brad, how could it be possible to spend just 10 minutes a month building a bulletproof retirement portfolio.”

Well, the “secret” actually comes from a century old principle called the “Pareto principle, named for the little-known Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto who discovered the phenomena — by accident.

Pareto was researching land distribution in Italy and he noticed that about 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population.

There was nothing particularly shocking about this fact until he started researching other countries and found the exact same distribution.

Everywhere he looked about 20% of the population owned around 80% of the land…

And it didn’t stop there.

The “Pareto principle” shows up almost everywhere in finance and business.

  80% of the world’s wealth is owned by 20% of the people.

  80% of a company’s sales come from 20% of the customers.

  80% of a company’s production comes from 20% of the employees.

The “Pareto principle” seems to be a near-universal phenomenon in business.

Now keep in mind … it doesn’t have to be exactly 80/20.

Sometimes it’s 5% is responsible for 95% … and sometimes even 1% is responsible for 99% of the results.

The particular numbers don’t matter.

What important is that you understand how the principle applies to your investment portfolio.

Small levers swing big hinges.

If you want to be able to achieve market-beating results with less effort

Then you need to simplify your process.

You need to eliminate the 80% of the data that will have very little impact on the success of an investment … the P/E ratios, the chart patterns, the unemployment reports…

And only focus on those few key indicators that are proven to consistently identify winning investments…

The key is to leverage the “Pareto principle” to create an “80/20 portfolio” … and to separate the investments that are two-, three-, even four-times more likely to rise, from the investments that are likely to fall.

10-Minute ETF Trader successfully  identifies these types of investments using one of the fundamental law of physics discovered by Sir Isaac Newton:

“Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.”

So stocks with falling prices are more likely to keep falling…

Stocks that are trading in a range tend to continue trading in a range…

And as study after study has shown … stocks with rising prices today have a higher probability of rising tomorrow.

I know it sounds counterintuitive … especially if you follow the mantra of “buy low and sell high.”

But the fact is, according to a recent article in The Economist … this is the only market indicator that has proven to work year-in and year-out over the last 100 years!

Even the famous mantra that “value” stocks outperform growth stocks breaks down when researchers test it on real-time data.

That’s not true for this “momentum” effect though.

In fact, a group of researchers from the London Business School looked at the top 100 largest stocks on the British stock market since 1900…

And discovered that if you had invested in only the top 20 stocks over the last 12 months you’d outperform the other stocks by more than 10 points a year!

Now that may not sound like a lot … but look at it this way:

If you invested just $1 into the bottom 20 stocks you’d wind up with a measly $49.

And if you’d invested that same $1 into the middle 60 stocks you’d wind up with a little under $20,000.

But by investing in only the top 20 performing stocks of the previous year…

That same $1,in each stock, would have turned into $2.3 million!

That’s over 100-times better return than the lower 80% combined!

As you can see this is the 80/20 rule in full effect … and I knew this simple principle could lay the foundation for a breakthrough trading methodology.

But I also knew I couldn’t just buy a basket of the top 20 stocks in the S&P 500 and call it a day.

Because I noticed one problem with using this stock momentum strategy…

It consistently lost money when the stock market crashed.

In fact, according to my research the only time this strategy lost money since the early 1990s was during the 1987, 2000 and 2008 crashes.

So really the only way to protect your portfolio during these times is to get out of stocks completely.

So I saw three options…

The first was to take all my money of stocks and put it into cash to cushion the blow during a market crash…

But that required being able to time the markets with high precision … which – no matter what anyone says — is very difficult and highly unreliable.

Plus, while I wouldn’t be losing money I also wouldn’t be making money … and I don’t like my cash sitting idle if there is any possibility of turning a profit.

The second was to invest in inverse ETFs … which could help me turn a profit during a crash … but also ran into the same problems of getting the timing right.

And that’s how we created 10-Minute ETF Trader

We created this service to help YOU harness the world’s most profitable investments exclusively with ETFs …

  WITHOUT shorting…

  WITHOUT options…

  WITHOUT futures…

Every trading day of the year, 10-Minute ETF Trader scans the world’s financial markets … isolates the ETFs with the steadiest and strongest rising patterns … identifies the ETFs that are best suited to help you profit…

And then instantly rushes your “buy” signal to you via e-mail or text message (your choice) early in their uptrend!

Then, when 10-Minute ETF Trader determines that an ETF in our portfolio no longer offers the best opportunities, you get an urgent “sell” signal. It really is that simple!

Plus, 10-Minute ETF Trader automatically helps shield your capital in THREE important ways:

First: You are never exposed to the higher risk or hassle of holding individual stocks or ADRs.

Instead, Exchange Traded Funds diversify your risk across many stocks in a given country, sector or region.

You never accept the kind of risk single-stock investors are exposed to!

Second: You never get caught holding the bag.

10-Minute ETF Trader never locks you into a buy-and-hold strategy.

My model is designed to only identify the steadiest and strongest CONFIRMEDtrends, which gives you the highest probability of moving into the right ETF at the right time to deliver maximum profits…

… And then, twice a month in as little as 10 minutes, we check to see if these ETFs still have the best odds of rising.

When we see the odds are no longer on our side … my model would give us a sell signal and we can effortlessly rotate into the next hot trend…

In short, 10-Minute ETF Trader is flexible and nimble — a critical risk-protection feature in today’s volatile market!

AND Third: 10-Minute ETF Trader is designed to give you the most favorable risk/reward ratio available on every ETF it recommends.

10-Minute ETF Trader recommends only the ETFs with the steadiest and most reliable rising pattern.

Now, if anyone tells you he can eliminate all your risk, my advice is to take your money and run.

Not even 10-Minute ETF Trader can do that! All investments involve some risk. We both know that you can lose money with any trading strategy.

That’s why 10-Minute ETF Trader is carefully designed to give you the best odds of profiting.

Plus, there’s nothing to learn: Once you decide that the trade is right for you, just follow the plain-English trading signals two times a month — the soul of simplicity!

And it’s ultra convenient, too: Just check your email once a month on the designated day. When you get a trading signal, you can make the trade!

And remember: 10-Minute ETF Trader uses the only approach that’s reliably been proven to beat the markets over the last 100 years!


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This impressive volume gives you virtually everything you’d ever want to know about exchange traded funds and how to use our “80/20” Portfolio to maximize your profits while minimizing your risk.

You’ll discover …

Why using ordinary mutual funds to invest overseas could be a costly mistake — and how ETFs can help you grow your wealth more quickly, with the likelihood of LESS RISK than you’re exposed to now.

You’ll see how our unique investing system scours the world to spot the hottest sectors’ markets and the ETFs best positioned to help you profit.

‘ll discover how this same system is designed to cut your risk by helping you take your profits when the time is right — and cut your losses short by moving you out in the trickiest of times.

And you’ll discover how uses the “Pareto principle” to:

  Protect your portfolio against market declines, and …

  Go for additional profit opportunities.

In addition, this special reportincludes a comprehensive description of the trading signals you’ll be receiving — and step-by-step instructions on what to do with each one…

Plus I’ve included the IRS-qualified strategy that allows your profits to compound without the drag of taxes — which helps you grow your wealth even faster!

And I show you how to make sure you reap 100% of your profit potential in just a few minutes per week!


You’ll instantly receive all 10-Minute ETF Trader e-mail or mobile device alerts  for your first trades and simple step-by-step instructions!

Every signal you receive will tell you in plain English…

  WHY the trade is being recommended…

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  WHAT TO SAY TO YOUR BROKER — word for word — once you decide the trade is right for you, so you can place your trade by telephone if you prefer.


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Brad Hoppmann,
Publisher, Uncommon Wisdom Daily
Editor, 10-Minute ETF Trader