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Collectively, David Dutkewych and John Isaacson have nearly four decades of experience analyzing, trading and writing about personal finance and investments. They’ve traded just about everything you can get your hands on — from stocks to options to futures. And we’ve done it in just about every kind of market: Up, down, and sideways.David Dutkewych previously worked at Weiss Research as an editor and market analyst for a number of years before joining a small wealth management company and later served as the Director of Advertising Operations at Bankrate, a NYSE listed financial services company. He is currently the Trading Analyst for two Weiss Research publications: Ultimate Stock Options and Supercycle Trader. He is also the editor of the Free Money Investor newsletter.

David is a CFA Charterholder and is a member of both the CFA Institute and The CFA Society of South Florida. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Geneseo and he received his MBA from Palm Beach Atlantic University. David makes his home in Jupiter, Florida with his wife and three sons.

John Isaacson began his career in the financial markets in 1995 as a technical analyst for Commodity Trend Service. He has taken that early experience and passion into a wide-array of positions throughout the industry, from market analyst, trade execution, trading system development and as a proprietary trader.

Following John’s tenure as a floor broker at the Chicago Board of Trade, he gravitated upstairs to a prominent Chicago Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) as an execution trader servicing the firm’s top clients. He also provided daily analysis of the Energy and Treasury markets and traded firm capital in the U.S. Treasury market.

From there he joined a commodity research boutique, specializing in the energy and equity markets. His unique blend of fundamental and technical analysis, along with respect for risk management offered a dynamic skillset to a wide-reaching client base. He was also contributing editor to The Hightower Report’s Weekly Market letter.

In the All Weather Trader service, David and John use their impressive experience plus a simple ratio to help guide them in picking the best investments for their members.

Indeed, it’s a “Golden Ratio” that has warned of and actually caused every major bull and bear market in history. The ratio is simply the difference between the yield on ultra-safe U.S. government bonds, and higher-risk, more dangerous high-yield bonds. The riskiest bonds today are simply called “junk” bonds because of the massive amount of credit risk they carry.

When this Golden Ratio is falling or low, the stock market is likely to soar – and a select class of bull-market beaters is likely to lead the pack.

When it’s rising or high, the markets are likely to crash and burn. It’s time to go for profits with inverse ETFs or even with the tiny handful of stocks that do well in tough times.

You can truly be an “All Weather” investor. The trading strategy for members is quite simple:

  1. When the OVERALL MARKET is rising or falling, we will use Index ETFs on the Dow, S&P 500 or Nasdaq – and also, to multiply your profit potential – we will use call or put options on those ETFs.
  2. We will also go for huge gains with ETFs that cover the SECTORS likely to rise or fall the most. And for far greater profit potential, we will also use options on those ETFs.
  3. And we will use INDIVIDUAL STOCKS that typically rise or fall the most. In good times, we will buy the stocks and options on them. In bad times, we will buy put options on those stocks.

That way, you could make money hand over fist in bull markets, then KEEP your profits when bull markets end …

And then make even more money in bear markets with investments that are designed to soar as stocks sink!

All Weather Trader utilizes five different investment vehicles:

  1. Unleveraged Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
  2. Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
  3. Individual stocks
  4. Options on ETFs
  5. Options on Individual Stocks

Member Benefits

  1. Recommendation issues – These issues will provide clear, concise guidance on what to buy or sell right up front. Dave and John will provide a full explanation on why they suggest making the move, including details on fundamentals, technicals, and other factors.
  2. Weekly update issues – Whenever they see danger or an opportunity for you to profit, as well as new developments that impact your existing positions, Dave and John will shoot you off an issue of All Weather Trader.
  3. Members-Only Webinar every 90 days – At these hour-long meetings, Dave and John will give you their current take on the overall market environment. Plus, since these meetings will be LIVE, you can ask them anything you like about the investments, the strategies, or their views on breaking events.

Plus, our staff of professional customer service representatives will be available to you through our Members-Only VIP Helpline. Although they can’t provide individual advice, they’ll happily provide fast answers to all your questions about our service and the recommendations David and John make.