Blue-Chip Option Alert


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Blue-Chip Option Alert aims to help you harness the active trading options on big name companies. We will use names of multi-national companies you’re already familiar with. We’re talking household-name stocks with large market caps, big daily trading volume, and highly liquid option chains that could enable you to profit from pops as well as pullbacks — sometimes for years at a time! In this service, we’ll cast a wide net and recommend:

  • Call options
  • Put options

With each recommendation, we will give you easy-to-understand and -execute trading instructions. And when it’s time to sell, send you an alert with everything you need to quickly take profits or preserve your capital should a position take a turn in the wrong direction.

With Blue-Chip Option Alert, you can expect:

  • An in-depth trading manual that explains our approach when picking investments, a tutorial on how options work, and an overview of how this strategy can get you positioned for profits all year long
  • Timely trade opportunities sent to your inbox, cell phone or other mobile device
  • Members-only website
  • And much more!

Plus, our staff of professional customer service representatives will be available to you through our Members-Only VIP Helpline. Although they can’t provide individual advice, they’ll happily provide fast answers to all your questions about our service and the recommendations we make.