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Calendar Profits Trader helps you take the guesswork out of trading, by investing in major calendar events that are guaranteed to happen.

We know these events WILL happen like clockwork. We know exactly WHEN they will happen — usually down to the minute. We know they will MOVE THE MARKETS.

And we also know — from a long history of investing this way — that they could make you more money in less time than you may now believe possible.

By following my simple and proven Calendar Profits Trader strategy, you could make more money in one month than most investors make all year.

The goal is for you to compound your net worth consistently …

  • No matter which way the stock market goes …
  • No matter what happens with gold, commodities, or other precious metals …
  • No matter what happens in corporate or government bonds, and …
  • No matter if the economy sinks, or soars!

You see, there was a time when Wall Street had a lazer-like focus on corporate profits, but not anymore. Profits still matter today, but the focus has shifted to economic data releases and political news as the main drivers of asset prices.

Whenever the Federal Reserve releases a statement or Janet Yellen gives a speech, the numbskulls on Wall Street pore over every word, every syllable, and you can bet markets around the world move in response.

The investment calendar contains dozens of major events like this each and every month that recur like clockwork and are guaranteed to move financial markets.

I’m talking about recurring events from the Federal Reserve, the Department of Labor, the Department of Commerce, plus the governments and central banks of major foreign governments around the world.

Calendar Profit Trader uses an exclusive three-step strategy to turn these calendar events into a reliable stream of profitable trades.

Step #1, determine what news events — both political and economic — really drive the markets. For example, Federal Reserve releases have more impact than Durable Goods orders. Here are the top-10 key economic/political events that affect stock market prices the most.

Top 10 Recurring Market Moving Events

  • Federal Reserve Bank announcements
  • European Central Bank announcements
  • U.S PCE (Personal Consumption Expenditures) Core Rate
  • Semiconductor Industry Association Global Billings Report
  • Preliminary U.S. GDP
  • U.S. Unemployment Rate
  • U.S Retail Sales Month-over-Month
  • JOLTS job openings
  • Department of Energy U.S Crude Oil Inventories
  • Existing Home Sales

Plus, there are many more from foreign official sources. Each of these impacts virtually all asset classes. And as I said at the outset, the best thing about these events is that I not only know exactly when they will happen, but I also know they will MOVE THE MARKETS.

Best of all, history has shown time and time again that there is a mountain of money to be made by getting in front of major events.

Now, the above 10 data events aren’t the only market-moving events, but they are the ones that my research has shown have significant, identifiable, and recurring impact on important liquid asset groups. In short, these 10 data events will consistently create profitable trading opportunities for you, time and time again.

Step #2, I use a proprietary rating system that quantifies the strength of any current trend; called the “Trend Persistency” rating. This is my variation on the old adage about “the trend is your friend,” but what I’ve done is created a proprietary system to calculate the likelihood of a trend to continue.

Step #3, We only buy into trends with the highest bullish trend persistency rating, and sell into trends with the highest bearish persistency rating. Or, when there’s no strong signal either way, simply sit on the sidelines in the safety of cash.

The profit opportunities are as regular as clockwork because the scheduled release dates of key economic/political events that drive the markets are known months in advance. You know exactly what’s coming up next and when.

Making your move just before a government releases data that will likely help our trade gives us the potential to make more money sooner. Likewise, staying on the sidelines when we expect data that will not help our trade helps reduce our short-term risk while maximizing our profit potential.

Bottom line: calendar-based trading offers you the opportunity to multiply your wealth whether the stock market is sinking or soaring … whether real estate is booming or busting … whether interest rates are flying or falling … and regardless of what happens to stocks, bonds, commodities or currencies…

About the Editor of Calendar Profits Trader: Tony Sagami

Martin and Tony, 2005

Tony first joined Weiss Research in 2000. His four decades of experience trading the major asset classes — currencies, stocks, precious metals, commodities and more — are tough to match. He has successfully used calendar-based trading strategies for many years.

Tony has worked in almost every part of the financial services industry, including a stint at Prudential insurance; a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch, where he built a successful business catering to the needs of conservative, protection-minded clients in his home state of Washington; and a portfolio manager at The Donoghue Group.

He has written about market topics as varied as investing in Asia, ETF trading, under-the-radar value stocks, as well as strategies such as put options and inverse ETFs for downside protection during market slides.

Mr. Sagami’s views on markets have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Kiplinger’s, Smart Money, Business Week, New York Times, Washington Post, Investor’s Business Daily, Bloomberg, Financial Planning Times, Mutual Funds Magazine, Chicago Tribune, and the LA Times, as well as on CNBC and CNBC Asia.

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