Crisis Options Trader

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Membership Benefits

1. You get inside access to all of Brad Hoppmann’s crash commentary. Brad was one of the few market analysts to warn his clients about the tech bubble back in the late 1990s. And Brad was one of the few analysts to not only predict the 2008 credit crisis … but also to rack up big profits on the way down in his own trading account.

2. You get iron-clad protection against the coming market apocalypse. Our exciting new research report, Surviving the Stock Market Apocalypse will give you three powerful strategies to build a financial fortress around your assets … so you can sleep soundly knowing you will be protected as this next phase of the financial crisis unfolds.

3. You get the chance to rack up huge profits on the crash! Brad will not only show you a powerful strategy that could hand you gains of 1,307% or more even before the crisis gets into full swing … He’ll also show you two additional strategies to post double, triple, even quadruple digit gains as the market is plummeting by 50% or more!

4. You get the chance to profit as gold shoots to $2,500 or more. Just like right after the last credit crisis … Brad believes this latest financial crisis is going to send gold prices soaring past all-time highs. And Brad’s going to show you how to use a combination of bullion, ETFs and even options on gold stocks to rake in outsized profits from this move.

5. You’ll have the opportunity to make even bigger gains when the market rebounds. Unlike other investors, you’ll have the opportunity to come out of this crisis not only unscathed … but even richer than when you started. That means you’ll be in perfect position to use Brad’s proprietary cash flow indicators to post even bigger profits once the market rebounds.

6. You’ll be able to maximize your profits no matter what’s going on in the markets. Brad is not some perma-bear that will always be yelling the sky is falling. When market conditions are ripe for profit, Brad will show you the best option trades to minimize your risk and maximize your profits. And when markets start to look scary, Brad will show you the best ways to protect your nest egg and profit when the markets start falling.

7. You get specific investment recommendations delivered directly to your inbox. No matter what kind of trade Brad’s recommending … whether it’s an options trade, an inverse ETF or even a gold recommendation … you will receive an instantaneous “buy” or “sell” alert sent to your email inbox and also to your cell phone, iPad or other mobile device so you can get in and out quickly with the biggest potential returns.

8. You’ll get weekly position monitoring … so you never have to be chained to your computer wondering when the collapse is about to begin. Instead, we’ll do all the research and immediately inform you when any warning signs hit the market … and give you instant updates if we need to make changes to any of our positions.

9. You get immediate, 24/7 access to the Crisis Options Trader Members-Only Website: The “Welcome Aboard” email you’ll receive in a few minutes will also contain the link and the password that will give you access to your urgent FREE report, our current issues, flash alerts, our Position Tracker, and more!

10. You get our Crisis Options Trader white glove treatment. As soon as you become a member you’ll get immediate access to your own private help line … as well as a dedicated email address to get all the answers to your most pressing questions on your membership benefits or recent trade activity.

11. You get our 100% Money-Back Guarantee: We have every reason to believe that Crisis Options Trader is going to be your best chance to survive the coming stock market apocalypse of 2016. That’s why we’re offering you a full 12 months to test drive this system. Simply use the next 12 months to trade or paper trade our recommendations. If you don’t feel this service was worth much more than the small membership fee … I’ll give you back every penny you paid.

Simply put, you take absolutely no risk by test-driving Crisis Options Trader today, but you stand to reap rich rewards.

So if you’re ready to protect yourself and go for the profits during this coming market crisis … all you have to do is click below to get started.