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JR Crooks

Emerging market currencies have been in freefall …

Europe has cranked up its printing presses and is spiraling into negative interest rates …

Japan’s monetary policy has gone nuclear …

And the world’s central banks have made it clear: They’ve chosen to fight their economic battles on the currency front.

What looks a lot like a “global race to the bottom” is set to pervert stock, bond and commodity markets … and leave behind large pockets of devastation.

These battles are guaranteed to unleash a bull market in at least one currency this year.

And JR Crooks’ new “Quantum Compounder” strategy is the only trading system we know that’s shown to take a small $10,000 investment and potentially turn it into $143,000 or more in profits in the next 12 months or less.

Even better, it doesn’t involve stocks, bonds, ETFs or risky spot forex trading.

Best of all, it should hand you at least 12 chances to double your money (or more) in the next 12 months.

The name of this system was inspired by the successes of the legendary Quantum Fund run by Jim Rogers.

In case you’ve never heard of it, this is the Fund that helped propel Rogers from obscurity into an investing icon in less than a decade.

From 1973 to 1980, the Quantum Fund racked up a remarkable 4,200% in gains … making many of its investors millionaires and Jim Rogers a billionaire. This is one of the greatest 10-year performance records of any fund in the history of the market!

They didn’t try to outfox Warren Buffett or pick better stocks than Peter Lynch. Instead they focused on the big global macro trends that were shaking up the globe at the time …

Things like the oil embargo, Nixon’s rejection of the gold standard, and the inflationary nightmare that was surging around the globe.

They rode these trends for monstrous gains by investing in the big global macro markets like commodities and … yes … currencies.

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And now we believe is the perfect time to jump back into the currency markets.

Because just like back then, we’re experiencing a monetary tsunami of epic proportions.

And when you trade the “quantum compounding” way …

You could compress 10 years’ worth of gains into as little as 10 months.

In Currency Options Alert, we are targeting options on currency ETFs, which you can trade in just about any standard stock brokerage account. Occasionally we will also zero in on regional (“country”) ETF options to ensure a steady stream of trading opportunities that take advantage of booming — and busting — economic activity around the globe.

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