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Mike Burnick and Larry Edelson

Founded by the legendary Larry Edelson in 2015, Supercycle Trader uses proprietary neural net software and powerful cycle, technical, and historical analysis to identify high-potential profit opportunities in multiple markets, including:

Precious metals: the ultimate hedge against government debt uncertainty and crisis. This includes mining shares, gold and silver ETFs and options on those stocks and ETFs.

Recommendations designed to multiply your money as European and Japanese stocks, bonds and currencies collapse. I expect opportunities to pile up huge profits with inverse ETFs and options.

Investments designed to skyrocket as waves of European and Asian flight capital floods Wall Street driving select U.S. stocks, ETFs and other investments through the roof.

And most important, investments to help you protect your wealth and then go for yet another large fortune as this great government debt crisis strikes Washington D.C. capturing even more profit opportunities with inverse ETFs, leveraged ETFs, stocks, options and more.

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Specifically, this service will be targeting securities with the potential for substantial gains:

  • ETFs that can double your profits when gold surges,
  • Leveraged ETFs can deliver 2 times and 3 times leverage. So for every $1 in profit other investors make, you can make $2 or even $3,
  • Mining shares that can outperform bullion by nearly five to one,
  • Inverse ETFs on stocks, bonds and currencies that can double your profits when markets decline,
  • Options on stocks & ETFs, profit potential is virtually Unlimited with options, your risk is not only limited, it can be controlled, and of course …
  • Physical bullion …
  • And much more!

These are investments you can easily buy and sell … to go for gains of up to 1,000% — or more!

With each recommendation, we will give you easy-to-understand instructions. And when it’s time to sell, he’ll send you an alert with everything you need to quickly take profits or exit a losing position.

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