Founders Club Platinum


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Founders Club Platinum is an exclusive, lifetime membership that provides you with an extensive array of services aimed at maximizing your profit potential. As a member, you’ll receive EVERY investment recommendation our
Uncommon Wisdom Daily team publishes at a substantial discount.

Plus, exclusively through Founders Club Platinum, you can be among the first to benefit from this new partnership designed to bring you a wide and unique array of profit opportunities, all in one place!

These services include:

  Daily issues of Uncommon Wisdom Daily, delivered to your e-mail every morning before the opening bell and again after the closing bell, with late-breaking  updates and what they mean to you as an active investor who is ready to act on profit opportunities and to preserve your capital in light of the newest market and economic events.

  Every issue of Wall Street Front Runner, Adventure Capitalist, Global Trend Trader, 10-Minute ETF Trader, Cash Flow Kings, Global  Resource Hunter, Disruptors & Dominators, UWD’s Natural Resource Investor, UWD’s Superstar Trader, Crisis Options Trader, Currency Options Alert, Income Superstars, UWD’s Natural Resource Options Alerts and Blue-Chip Option Alert and investing insights from this elite group of professional financial experts.

  Every Uncommon Wisdom Daily publication we launch in the future.

  Timely special reports covering opportunities in gold, silver, oil, gas, natural resources, stocks, ETFs, commodities and emerging markets.

  Weekly Publisher’s Notes, highlighting the best recent recommendations and what trends to follow going forward.

  Exclusive, members-only VIP Priority Concierge Service. Any time you have a question or need help with your membership or with any recommendation,  simply call or e-mail your Founders Club Platinum concierge for prompt service.

You get everything we publish, plus a ton of exclusive membership perks — ALL FOR LIFE — and you pay thousands less than anyone else would pay for ONE YEAR of these services individually.

This is how we essentially “pay” you to become a master trader …

If you know a good thing when you see it, and you want to get the best possible deal anywhere, anytime … you can make the smartest choice, and take advantage of our lifetime membership.

The lifetime membership is strictly limited. You’ll understand, we can’t give everything away for this ridiculously small investment, to everyone, and expect to stay in business.

Give us a call at 800-400-6916 before spots fill up. Or click the button below to order now.