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Free Money Investor is NOT for people looking for a quick way to get rich.

Instead, it’s a strategy for people who have already done a lot of things right.

So if you’ve built up a nice nest egg for yourself — say $500,000 to $1 million or more — it could be a God-send for you:

Not only is this strategy designed to extract large amounts of cash from Wall Street virtually at will …

Not only will this strategy help you collect world-beating dividends on your stock holdings …

You also stand to collect substantial capital gains!

Best of all, you can do it all with a minimum of risk to your precious core holdings.

This wealth-building strategy was developed by David Dukevich, the man Dr. Martin Weiss hand-picked to invest $1 million of his retirement money.

And using this strategy, he was able to hand Dr. Weiss $12,403 in cash payouts – “free money” – in just less than two months!

At that rate, you stand to collect about $20,000 every and about $80,000 per year!

To point out the obvious: An extra $80,000 per year is enough for many folks to retire on. Or to transform a poor retirement into a rich one.

It can mean the difference between squeaking by and living it up — being able to afford the beach house or mountain retreat …the lavish vacations …and all the money you need to help your kids get a great start in life.

But what exactly are the strategies David Dukevich uses to make Dr. Weiss up to $80,000 a year in “free money?” These are options SELLING strategies.

You see, it’s well known that most options buyers lose money. The thing is, options are a zero-sum game. There is a winner for every loser. So, it only stands to reason that means most of the people who sell options MAKE money.

So when you begin selling options — puts and calls — you give yourself house odds …and the chance to win most of the time!

The first strategy we use is selling cash-secured puts:

When you sell a cash-secured put, you are selling another investor the right to sell you shares of a particular stock within a specified time frame at a price you set.

They’re called “cash-secured” puts because you retain enough cash in your account to cover you in case you need to purchase the stock if the option is exercised.

In some cases, you would set the strike price LOWER than you believe the stock could go before the expiration date. That way, the put buyer won’t exercise the option. It will expire worthless, so you won’t have to buy the stock. And again, you get to keep the premium the buyer paid you in any case.

Cash secured puts can also be used to generate income while allowing you to buy stock at lower prices — often at a discount to the stock’s price on the day you write the option…

Let’s say Acme stock is currently selling at $100 per share. You want 500 shares, but you want to pay 10% less. So you write five cash-secured puts for Acme with a strike price of $90.

And then, if Acme falls to your strike price before expiration of your option, you’d get to buy the stock for just $90.

Plus, on a trade like this, you would instantly be paid $1,500 just for writing the option. And you get to keep that money free-and-clear whether or not you end up buying the stock.

The second strategy we use to extract free money from Wall Street is writing – or selling – covered calls:

These little gems are called “covered” calls because you are selling call options against shares of stock you already own.

Typically, you’ll sell one contract for every 100 shares of stock. In exchange for selling the call options, you collect an option premium.

When you sell covered calls, you are selling another investor the right to buy shares you own within a specified time at a strike price that you set.

Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you own 500 shares of Acme stock that you purchased for $90 per share and your goal is to sell when it reaches $110. So you write five covered calls with a $110 strike price.

You would get paid $750 instantly — just for writing the option. And then, if the stock reaches $110, your stock would be called away from you at your target price for a nice 22% gain.

And if the stock doesn’t reach your target price before the options’ expiration date, you get to keep your stock and also keep the premium you received for writing the option.

So you see, with this “Free Money” strategy, it’s almost like it’s raining money!

  • Other investors pay you to buy our top-rated stocks …
  • You buy them at hefty discounts …
  • And other investors pay you again when it’s time to sell those stocks.

Plus …

  • You make money on the dividends these stocks pay, and …
  • You could make even more money as these top-rated stocks rise in value.

And as a member, you get instant access to …

  • The Free Money Quick-Start Guide with everything you need to understand each phase of the strategy and how you can quickly and easily collect your cash payouts every 30 – 60 days.
  • The Free Money website where you can review all our issues, all our recommendations and view all of our online video briefings any time you like.
  • The Free Money email hotline for quick answers to any questions you have about your membership or any recommendations made.

And then as a member, you get even more:

  • You get Alerts INSTANTLY whenever it’s time for you to make a move. David gives you plain English step-by-step directions on every transaction we do. Every call we write …every put we sell …and more.
  • You get regular weekly updates. David keeps an eye on the portfolio’s positions, lets you know what’s going on, and keeps you in the loop as to what the next move might be.
  • You’ll meet with David for LIVE online Q+A sessions. At these hour long meetings, David shows you what he has his sights set on and how he plans on moving forward. Plus, since these events are live, you can ask him anything you like about the investments or strategy he recommends.

And you can try Free Money Investor RISK-FREE for a full 90 days for just $347. If you’re not completely thrilled with the money our “Free Money” strategy makes you, simply call and cancel for a full refund. No questions asked!

Enrolling is easy: Simply click the button below to get started, and start bringing in “free money”!

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