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Global Trend Trader uses a new tool, a hidden indicator within its “Alpha Value System” to virtually “read the minds” of Wall Street’s best money managers, effectively allowing you to “front-run” billionaires like Buffett, Soros and Paulson on their investments. Here’s what you can expect if you join Global Trend Trader today.


You’ll be among the very first to get our brand-new crisis protection portfolio, which we’re putting together to not only help guard your wealth against rising interest rates, but also help you go for windfall profits as our nation’s debt bubble pops once and for all.


You get my Global Trend Trader Alerts. We will send you Global Trend Trader Alerts whenever we see a need to take an action — whether it’s a “Buy” or “Sell” recommendation, whether it’s an undervalued stock to scoop up or a falling asset that you should target with an inverse fund or other crash strategy.


The minute you join, you’ll be able to download The Global Trend Trader Trading Manual, which details everything you’ll need to start taking full advantage of our service right away.


You get my Global Trend Trader Weekly sent directly to your desktop computer and your mobile device. This is my way of staying in touch with you 52 times per year, rain or shine … to keep you on top of the most-promising profit opportunities available and to update you on any of our existing positions even during periods when there aren’t new actions to take.


You’ll get 24/7 Access to our Global Trend Trader online portal: This is a private, members-only location where you can get updates on all our open and closed positions, check your alerts, and access all our important research and intelligence briefings.


You get outstanding support through the Global Trend Trader Concierge Service: When you become a member of Global Trend Trader, you become part of a very exclusive community, and I’ve made sure you’ll get whatever help you need through a private member mailbag and access to a dedicated toll-free helpline. While we can’t give you customized investment advice, we’ll do everything we can to answer your questions or concerns related to our service.