Hard Asset Trader


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Many investors who are concerned about inflation and the loss of purchasing power of their currency … or who want to protect themselves against the possible vagaries of weak, insolvent governments — buy gold and silver bullion.

And now, Larry Edelson’s Hard Asset Trader offers you a revolutionary way of investing in precious metals with more confidence, convenience and ease. Plus it can give you similar comfort when it comes to selling, whenever that time may come.

Larry has been closely following the precious-metals business for almost 35 years. And he feels that this new method of buying, storing and selling precious metals investments is a major game-changer for the industry — and it can be for you personally, as well. When you join this unique service, you will get …

  • Larry’s monthly Hard Asset Trader updates, including what percentage of bullion to allocate among all the precious metals available, or soon to be available, via the Hard Assets Alliance.
  • Unfettered access to the Hard Assets Alliance, a network that provides retail investors with a better way to buy and hold precious metals through its SmartMetals online trading platform. Plus …
  • A staff of professional customer care representatives who are available to you through a dedicated VIP Hotline to answer your questions.