Money and Markets’ Natural Resource Investor

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Money and Markets’ Natural Resource Investor introduces you to a wide range of stock and options opportunities in gold, silver, oil and natural gas. But beyond these “hot” commodities, you’ll also gain access to a broader range of trading ideas in water, geothermal solutions, timber and across the broader agricultural sector. You’ll get:

1. You get unrivaled opportunity to ride the next gold bull market to huge gains! We’re right on the edge of the next phase of a gold bull market that could last for the next four or five years! And the last time we saw market conditions like this it handed investors gains of 455%, 937%, even 2,295%!

2. You get the power to boost your returns 4, 10 even 30 times higher than by just buying bullion … During the last bull market you could have beaten bullion by as much as 7-to-1 and the S&P by 19-to-1 on average … and some individual investments did even better. And remember that’s without using futures or options!

3. You have a low cost for entry … These junior mining stocks are very low priced, usually trading for below $10 a share. Which means you get started trading with just a few thousand dollars and still manage your risk.

4. You get to buy the best large-cap miners at a steep discount … JR will show you how to “buy” gold and energy stocks at a steep discount to what normal investors would pay … Giving you the winning edge that could boost your returns 2-times, 3-times, even 5-times higher than other investors who pay “retail.”

5. You get Natural Resource Investor Briefings and Trade Alerts: JR sends them instantly any time of day to your inbox or mobile device, and then posts them to your members-only website. That way you won’t miss a single profit opportunity!

6. You get JR’s Step-by-Step trading instructions:A few minutes after you join, you’ll receive a welcome email that shows you how to download your Natural Resource Investor Trading Manual with everything from JR’s big-picture outlook to the nitty-gritty on placing orders.

7. You get Natural Resource Investor Concierge Service: You’ll receive your own private member mailbag and access to a dedicated Uncommon Wisdom helpline.

8. You get Uncommon Wisdom Daily’s 100% Money-Back Guarantee: You must be thrilled with the results you achieve with JR, or you can cancel your membership within 30 days for a prompt, 100% refund. Or, cancel anytime thereafter for a refund on the unused portion of your membership.

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Plus, you’ll have direct access to our professional customer service representatives through dedicated phone and e-mail channels. While they can’t give individual trading advice, they’ll help you find fast answers to your questions about this service and the trades we recommend.