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JR CrooksMy name is John Ross Crooks, and using what I call my “divine number” timing system, I’ve cracked the code to successfully trading the commodity markets.My “divine number” approach could have helped you predict almost every major decline in the commodity markets over the last few years …

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And also could have helped you turn these commodity bloodbaths into gains of 118% … 582% … even 1,836% or more in just a few short weeks.

Now, if you’re a long time reader at Weiss Research … you might recognize the Crooks name.

My father was a legendary currency trader who worked for Weiss Research for many years.

In other words … I grew up living and breathing the markets.

And right out of college I went straight into market research.

I worked under my father learning the currency markets … and discovered the techniques my father used to post a 75% win rate and an average profit of 53% in his World Currency Options service.

I also worked under Larry Edelson learning the commodity markets … and discovered the macro cycles Larry used to call both the bottom of the gold market back in 1999 … and the top of the gold market in 2012.

But the most important lesson I learned in those years … the lesson that would help me create the “E3 system” … was this  …

Investor psychology always trumps economic reality.

Just take a look at the recent bull market in stocks.

It’s not like the economy has been roaring on all eight cylinders. There’s been plenty of bad economic news here and in Europe.

We’ve seen bad GDP prints, bad jobs numbers.

But when we were in the thick of the bull market … the economic news simply didn’t matter.

I look for big trends

GDP printed negative … the market went up.

Bad jobs numbers … the market went up.

Chaos is Europe … the market went up.

In short, the only mantra that made you money was … buy the dip!

Is it logical? No.

But like I said, psychology trumps reality.

But here’s where it gets exciting.

You see, in digging through a pile of old research, I uncovered a remarkable secret … this investor psychology is not random.

In fact, I discovered that this investor sentiment occurs in very precise, predictable cycles …

Patterns that can not only predict how likely the market is to rise or fall  …

But can also tell you when it’s going to happen with laser-like accuracy.

“Divine Number” System Calls the Top in Gold

Take for example back in August 2011, when gold was still on a big run.

There was trouble brewing in Europe … the financial markets were volatile … and gold was pushing record highs of over $1,800.

Just earlier that month The Guardian ran the headline: “Gold hits new highs as fear stalks the financial markets.”

And most analysts I know were calling for gold to run to $5,000 or more!

If you looked at the fundamentals … it would have been hard to disagree with this analysis.

But if you were trading with my”divine number” analysis, along with my “E3” options approach, you would be seeing a radically different story.

It suggested we were on the verge of a very powerful shift in market sentiment in the gold markets …

And sure enough … gold soon dropped over 30%!

By using my system … you wouldn’t have to settle for just 30% … or even 50%.

In fact, my research shows that with one simple investment …

You could have collected up to 292% in just 9 days!

That’s enough to turn every $1 into over into over $3.92 in less than 2 weeks.

And that’s just the beginning  …

I found another opportunity that could have handed you 675% in just 26 days  …

That’s enough to turn a $5,000 stake into more than $47,500 in less than a month!

And I found another that could have handed you a whopping 1,233% in just 30 days  …

That that’s enough to turn ever $10,000 into $133,300 in just 4 weeks!

And that’s without ever buying or holding a gold or energy stock …

Without the downside risk of playing the futures markets …

And without using complicated shorting strategies.

If there’s one thing you should know about the gold, silver and energy markets, it’s this …

They are all driven by massive boom-and-bust cycles.

It’s been that way for the last 100 years … and I’m sure it will continue for the next 100.

Plus, over the last few months the commodity markets have started becoming more and more volatile.

We’ve seen 8%-9% swings in just one day in oil prices …

And with China joining the currency wars … it’s just a matter of time until gold starts taking off like a rocket.

They key to making the big money in these markets is TIMING.

And that’s exactly what my system is designed to do

That’s why I just put the finishing touches on a new research report that lays out this strategy in full detail.

It’s called Trading with the “Divine Number”: How to Profit from the Coming Volatility in Commodities.

This report gives you all the information you need to know to start collecting bigger, faster gains from both the ups and downs of the commodity markets.

Inside you’ll learn …

  • The simple pattern that could have been used to predict almost every major boom and bust in the commodity markets over the last 80 years.
  • What this pattern is telling us about the next 12 months in the gold and energy markets
  • How to use options in both bull markets and bear markets to maximize your returns  …
  • Don’t have an options account? We’ll tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to start trading options today  …
  • How to find the options plays that are most likely to hand you triple digits gains  …
  • And much more …

And the best part is, we want to give you instant access to this report for FREE  …

How to Get Your Copy of this FREE report now!

I look for big trends

In just the last few months I’ve has posted a string of winners including a 118% gain in 18 days on Duke Energy … a 147% gain in Agnico Eagle Mines … a 120% gain in SPDR Gold … and a 700% gain in TECO Energy.

And these early results have left no doubt in my mind that my “E3 system” has the potential to deliver huge results month in and month out.

That’s why I’ve decided we’re going to give you this brand new research report … including all the details on this powerful system … for FREE when you agree to join Money and Markets’ Natural Resource Options Alerts.

Now I know the gold markets have been rocky over the past few years … and many precious metals investors have gotten crushed.

But this system is designed to work perfectly for this type of market  …

In fact, it’s the only system I know that could have helped you make 1,836% and more from the huge crash in commodity prices

And your Natural Resource Options Alerts membership gives you all the tools you need to rack up these same kind of gains.

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  4. What you should pay …
  5. And, once you decide the trade is right for you, what to say — word for word — to place the trade on the phone with your broker.


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So its decision time right now …

I hope I’ve given you everything to make that decision easy.

But in case you’re still on the fence ..

Let me quickly recap everything you know:

 You know this “E3 system” likely offers the best way collect big money in the commodity markets over the next few years

 You know this system offers you the chance to make 10x, 20x even 40x more that investing in stocks or ETF’s … without the risk of losing more than your initial investment

 You know that you can grab these market busting gains in 30 days or less

 You know this system will warn you of big market corrections … and even help you ring up big gains on the way down

 You know I’ve shown you how easy it is to get started …

 You know I’m giving you a steep discount to get started today …

 And you know I’m even offering you a 60-day, risk-free trial membership to give you peace of mind you are making the right decision …

So what have you got to lose?

Simply click the button below to start your no-obligation trial membership to Money and Markets’ Natural Resource Options Alerts today.

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Once you see how insightful and profitable this service can be, I’m confident you’ll be an Money and Markets’ Natural Resource Options Alerts subscriber for life.

All the best,

JR Crooks

Editor, Money and Markets’ Natural Resource Options Alerts