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Wall Street’s most wildly successful traders agree: “Paying full price for your investments is insane!”

Here’s how you can create valuable investment positions for 20% less … 30% less … 50% less … or even for FREE …

And automatically multiply your profit potential two times … three times … five times over … or even more …

All while slashing your risk to a fraction of what it is now!

Now, with Options Power Trader, you can invest using a secret of the world’s richest investors.

You see, the world’s wealthiest people have found a way to buy their investment positions for 20% off … 30% off … 50% off … even 100% off.

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That’s right … 100% off. As strange as it may sound, America’s wealthiest investors sometimes get their investments for FREE.

It’s pure genius. Getting your investments at huge discounts, or even free, allows you to diversify more broadly. You enjoy greater safety and far greater profit potential.

But the greatest advantage of this strategy is simply this: You no longer have to BE rich to GET rich.

Here’s a perfect example:

In late June of 2016, the iShares MSCI Europe ETF (EUFN) was on an upswing. In the span of 16 days, it climbed 5%.

If you had invested $10,000, that 5% gain would have netted you a $500 profit.

But with Options Power Trader, you could have paid NOTHING for your position … and then raked in a $6,970 gain in just 16 days.

You would have invested NONE of your own money — ZERO DOLLARS — and made 14 TIMES MORE than investors who paid full price for their positions.

Bottom line … great investors use OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY to grow richer.

Our names, by the way, are Mike Burnick and Dave Dutkewych.

Between the two of us, we manage Options Power Trader. And we bring more than 40 years of experience in trading and managing money to every trade we make.

So, how does Options Power Trader work?

By using a unique options strategy.

You see, most investors approach options in completely the wrong way; by simply buying calls or puts.

When you buy call options, you’re betting the stock is moving up in a short time-frame. And with puts, it’s just the opposite. You’re looking for a quick drop.

Either way, you’re shelling out money up front … sometimes a LOT of money … while hoping for a big payoff — but only IF you get the timing and direction just right.

But with Options Power Trader, you never just buy options. The basic strategy is simple: Before you BUY an investment, you SELL one first. And ironically, you don’t even have to “own” the investment you’re selling!

Example: You think Acme stock is about to soar. So, you sell 10 put options on the stock for $5,000.

Then, you use that money to buy 10 call options on the same stock.  An ‘average’ investor would pay $5,500 for this position. But, since you sold stock first, you pay only $500.

So in this case, your risk is 90% less — and your profit potential is 11 times more.

It’s almost like creating wealth out of thin air!

And it works just as well when stocks are going down, too. The only difference … with a bearish trade, you sell calls, then buy puts.

Now, in this business, no one can guarantee profits or guarantee you’ll never suffer losses. But your risk with bullish trades is no greater than owning the underlying stock. In either case, 100% of your money is on the table.

And with options, you cannot lose more than you invest plus the small brokerage fee. So with bearish trades, there’s actually LESS risk than with shorting the underlying stock.

Most importantly, we use protective stops to limit downside risk. That way, any losses can be offset by winning trades.

Now, anyone trading options can make money when stocks rise or fall. But … with Options Power Trader, you stand to make a LOT more than the average investor.

Here’s an example: This is an actual trade we recommended just a few months ago, compared with a regular options move.

In September, VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ) was set to drop. An average investor would have bought 40 puts at a cost of $14,480.

But in Options Power Trader, you would have sold 40 calls first, reeling in $10,080. Then, you would have bought 40 puts, too. But you would have paid only $4,400.  

Look at the difference this makes in profits:

“Average” Investor:

Cost of puts: $14,480

Income from selling calls: $0

You pay: $14,480

Your net profit: $15,400

“Options Power Trader” Investor:

Cost of puts: $14,480

Income from selling calls: $10,080

You pay only: $4,400

Your net profit: $23,600

Now, the average investor would have nabbed $15,400 in profits. That’s pretty good.

But with this strategy you would have made a LOT more. Your net profit from selling puts and buying calls would have been $23,600.

That would put you $8,200 ahead of the regular investor — with 536.4% gains instead of 106.4%.

And we’ve recommended several more trades like this.

We make it easy with Options Power Trader. You get everything you need to use other people’s money — so you can diversify with other investments AND grow richer, FASTER.

As soon as you join, you get instant access to SIX valuable membership benefits …

1: Our FREE Options Power Trader Quick-Start Guide which shows you how to sell and buy options to make MORE money on trades.

2: The Options Power Trader website where you can review all past Trade Alert issues and recommendations. You can also watch our online video briefings anytime you like.

3: The Options Power Trader email hotline for quick answers to any questions you have about the recommendations we’ve made.

4: Instant alerts whenever it’s time to make a move with clear, step-by-step directions on what to buy and sell. This includes the number of contracts to buy and the protective stops you should set.

5: Regular issues of Options Power Trader where we update you every week — or more often when needed. You also get insights on markets and how they could affect your investments — options or otherwise.

6: LIVE online updates and Q&A sessions for members-only throughout the year. And we record everything so you can listen again later, at your convenience.

Plus, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our TRIPLE GUARANTEE.

1: Complete Satisfaction: If you’re not pleased with Options Power Trader for any reason — or if you simply change your mind — let us know within 90 days. You will get ALL YOUR MONEY BACK. Quickly and with no questions asked.

2: Easy Trading: We guide you through every step, so you can become completely comfortable making trades. But, if you find this isn’t for you, just let us know within 90 days. You will receive a prompt and full refund.

3: Profitable Trades: Within your first year of membership, we guarantee a minimum of 10 profitable trades. If we miss that mark, you get a second year of membership FREE. And if you join us for two years, you will get a third year of FREE membership.

You owe it to yourself to give Options Power Trader a try.

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