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Weiss Research’s “Project 2015″ initiative has led us to the single greatest breakthrough in the art and science of wealth-building I have ever witnessed.

It is a breakthrough that I believe will completely revolutionize the way you invest.

It gives you the potential to achieve BOTH very large winning trades AND, at the same time, a very high ratio of winners to losers.

Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to achieve this result with consistency and SPEED over time.

The key to our discovery is our new Weiss Timing Index. For each and every one of the 12,000 stocks we review each day, this new index addresses two critical issues:

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  1. Which way is this stock likely to move — up or down?
  2. What is the likelihood that the move will begin within the next three trading days?

Then, for each stock, our new model gives us a rank — from rank #1 to rank #12,000. Thus …

  • Stocks with the ultimate Weiss Timing Index have an extremely HIGH probability of moving almost immediately, giving us a great deal of certainty regarding market timing, while …
  • Stocks at the very bottom of the list have an extremely LOW probability of moving right away, meaning any investment action at that stage could be very premature.

This is a huge breakthrough for me — and for you. Now instead of just estimating the market timing, we have a thoroughly tested, mathematical measure to guide us! This project was driven by my personal commitment to help you build wealth even more efficiently with stocks.

* These overall performance numbers represent total price appreciation before taxes and broker commissions. They depict what a hypothetical investor could have achieved if he had followed all signals that would have been generated by the combination of the Weiss Stock Ratings and the new Weiss Timing Index, including both winning and losing trades. It is assumed that the investor consistently erred on the side of caution by (a) avoiding higher risk options and (b) never reinvested profits, except at the beginning of each new calendar year. For details, see Terms and Conditions. Data Sources: Bloomberg, Weiss Ratings, MarketDataExpress.com.

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