Red-Hot Resource Millionaire

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There is a buying opportunity coming in metals and miners like we haven’t seen in a long time.

Amazing finds will be on sale … buys that could double and triple your money — or more — over the next three years.

Precious metals like gold and silver will go higher. Miners, because they are leveraged to the metal, will go much higher.

And there is "knock it out of the ballpark" potential in small companies — junior explorers, developers and miners that are overlooked by Wall Street. For now.

Gold is cyclical. That’s a simple fact, one that the market pounds into our heads over the years. And there is no doubt in my mind that gold entered a new bull cycle at the start of 2016.

This new bull cycle came after a brutal five-year bear market.

So have you missed the boat because you didn’t buy in 2016? Ha! Not a chance. Gold’s profit party is just getting started.

What’s more, there are enough zigs and zags in in this (or any) bull market that you’ll have plenty of time to buy great stocks on the cheap.

And it’s not just precious metals. 2016 saw bottoms in all sorts of commodities. Oil … natural gas … copper … zinc … and more.

And as with precious metals, there are real values in the smaller companies of all sorts of commodities.

Values that can help you unlock the doors to wealth.

And here in Red-Hot Resource Millionaire, I’ll show you where to "mine" for these potentially explosive opportunities.

I’m talking about "knock it out of the ballpark" junior explorers, developers and miners that are overlooked by Wall Street. For now, anyway.

That’s because everything points to this being a new era for resource companies.

And if you’ve been waiting for your big buying opportunity, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for …

The moment when gold and silver truly wake up from their slumbers and jump 10% or 20% in the blink of an eye.

The time when precious metals stocks not only retrace the huge upward moves they made in the first half of 2016 but absolutely ECLIPSE those previous highs.

And the critical point when a very small group of even smaller mining companies start jumping double- and triple-digits in what is shaping up to be a sizzling hot season for well-prepared investors.

In fact, the last time we saw market conditions in gold like we’re seeing today, you could’ve turned a $10,000 investment into $100,000 or more.

Think that’s impossible?

Well, if you know your market history, then you know that investors who put $10,000 into one unique class of stocks could have cashed-in with $97,400 in profits … $124,500 … $148,100 … and a staggering $523,700 — all without using options or futures.

In fact, investors could have locked in those returns without using any leverage at all. None. And right now all the indicators are showing me that history is about to repeat itself.

Everything points to the next big bull run in gold. It’s about to start — but even if I’m wrong, the investments I’m about to show you are so hyper-sensitive to rising gold prices that historically they rose …

  • 114% in 4 days while gold went up 1.4%
  • 346% in 6 months while gold went up 14%
  • 771% in 12 months while gold went up 29%
  • And 3,720% in 18 months while gold went up 34% …

That last trade alone was $37.20 in profit on every $1 rise in gold prices!

Let me drive home the magnitude of this investment opportunity.

There are about 85 of these hyper-sensitive stocks — and their average gain during the last time market conditions lined up like they’re lining up now was 709%.

That’s the average gain!

Think of that. That’s enough to pay you about $70,000 on every $10,000 you invested — often in a matter of months, or even days.

And right now, all my indicators are showing me that history is about to repeat itself.

That’s because everything points to the next big bull run in gold.

In fact, I expect upside for at least the next five years … and possibly the next seven.

Five to seven years of gains is exactly what we’ve seen in the past.

So you could be making money from gold through 2022 … maybe even 2024!

In this new bull market for commodities, any weakness presents a fantastic buying opportunity.

Plus, we could still see lower prices in many commodities. Even when you can identify major trends, volatility is always a risk.

This is not a market for the faint-of-heart. But if you’re in it to have some fun, learn about an exciting (and often overlooked) sector, and discover stocks that can potentially charge much higher when their moment to shine arrives, then we’re in for a remarkable adventure together.

Where others shun mining companies to instead throw money at high-flying software stocks, I see diamonds in the dustbin … stocks with enormous potential that are selling at dirt-cheap prices.

And if you’re ready to mine for junior mining profits, all you have to do is click the button below to get started immediately.