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Jon Markman — the award-winning investment analyst who co-founded Microsoft’s MSN Money and created MSN Money’s StockScouter system — has a proprietary tech-sector strategy designed to help you turn megatrends into money in the bank.

This ground-breaking service enables you to maximize your profit potential and minimize risk in EVERY market environment by invest exclusively in ONE technology index … one comprised of the world’s very best tech stocks.

You will also receive:

Timely trade alerts — Delivered to your e-mail and your mobile device.

Editorial issues — Containing commentary on the technology sector.

Daily updates— Every trading day of the year, Jon gives you up-to-the-minute news of the most exciting breakthroughs and innovations these remarkable technology companies are developing — plus his insights on economic, political, cultural and technical events that could affect tech stocks.

Jon’s “technology HotShots” stock list —Jon’s proprietary list of stocks represent the very best on the market, covering the giants that are dominating their niches as well as recent IPOs that are selling for a song and have the potential to become the next Facebook.

Live online Q&A sessions — Have questions about tech investing in general or our current position in particular? Once every few months we’ll meet online for an hour or so of commentary, updates, questions and answers.