Wall Street Front Runner


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A trading service designed to target Stock Market Anomalies …

Wall Street Front Runner is solely focused on using this legalized form of “front running” to get you in ahead of major fund buying and out just as their orders are flooding trading desks up and down Wall Street.

We will do all the heavy lifting.

We will go to our sources and continually update a master calendar so you know exactly when the next batch of anomalies are going to appear.

We will send you e-mail alerts ahead of every single one of them.

We will tell you, in plain English, what stocks will see the buying frenzies … the exact times you should try to get in … as well as the exact times you should try to get back out.

All you will have to do is consider acting on as many of those opportunities as you see fit. There could be as many as 90 of them this year alone.

The more of them you do, the more total profit potential you have.

And the more frequently you string these trades together, the quicker the compounding effect will kick in.

It really can’t be much easier.

There won’t be complicated order instructions.

Once you decide a trade is right for you, you will simply:

  Buy a certain stock at the market …

  Hold it for a few days at the maximum …

  Then sell it at the market after the trading volumes spike.

There won’t be any investments that go from short-term plays to long-term buy and holds.

You won’t have to worry about fundamental news developments, chart setups, or anything else.

It won’t even really matter what the market itself is doing at any given time.

These anomalies appear rain or shine.

It will be our job to give you a heads up every time one is about to happen.

Then your job is merely placing simple buy and sell orders to go for one very quick profit opportunity after another.

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